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Doubell Machines is company based in South Africa that manufactures brick & block making machinery & allied equipment. Their products are used in the development of low-cost housing & other government initiatives.

Doubell brick-making machinery is affordable & can reach the same production as large-scale brick plants, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Doubell Machines began in 1979 when inventor Clive Ivan Doubell entered the world of brick-making. Exposed to many costly large-scale machines, a need was identified & within a few years, the first prototype of a handheld brick machine was created. The concept was born from the need for bricks & blocks in the rapidly developing environment of South Africa, where supply was short. It needed to be affordable equipment to allow the average person to make their own bricks with savings of up to 80%. The idea was that any person could use this Doubell DIY (Do It Yourself) Machine to stamp out his/her own bricks & blocks as needed, without having to wait for weeks for premium priced building materials (most of the time with many delays).

Initially, the DIY was frowned upon. The idea of a person making their own bricks seemed ludacris & the market was hesitant. For years, the inventor, Clive Ivan Doubell, flew around the world & gave public demonstrations at tradefairs & shows. He proved without a doubt that these machines could produce bricks & blocks that met any building standard of any country.

It was around 1984 that Doubell Machines launched the Autobloc - another manual brick-making machine, but one that could produce more bricks or blocks at once. This machine was so successful that banks that were previously unwilling to loan venture capital to entrepreneurs starting their own brick-making businesses were now more open to the idea.

For years to come, the small enterprise brick-making market emerged as a lucrative starting point for entrepreneurs. The bricks could be manufactured at a fraction of the cost to buy at the market price, depending on the availability.

The success of the manual brick-making machine did not come without drawbacks for Doubell Machines - copycats surfaced in South Africa, mainly ex-employees of the company. The advantage over them was the inferior quality experienced by customers & many copy companys went bankrupt.

It was difficult to mimic Doubell's experience in the field that has lead to the current design of machinery, as well as reliability & robustness of manufacture. Finally, the streamlined production meant that the selling price of the machine undercut all generic copies in the market, locally & internationally.

At present day, Doubell Machines can be found exported all over Africa as well as around the world. They are the number one namebrand for mobile brick-making machinery, having been the first in the market they created.

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