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WHAT'S NEW - BLOG - Why Use a Brick Machine?


M4 Cavity block brickyard using Doubell Jumbo MK2

From personal projects (such as house extensions, boundary walls, driveway paving, etc) to commercial block production with the intention of selling bricks to make money - It is always worth deciding on whether starting your own brickyard is a feasible solution.


Some immediate possible benefits to be seen are:

  • Full control over your own product quality
  • Regulation of the production delivery to safeguard against delayed supply
  • Flexible production output to adjust with the need of bricks - if more will be required you can simply increase production and vice versa to lower production and save costs.
Doubell Hyperstat brickyard workersOther community spin-off benefits are:
  • Provide sustainable employment opportunities
  • Cultivate new skill development for brickyard operations & brick-manufacture 
  • Offer the community new building materials to uplift the development in the area
  • Improve community pride with the presence of a brick machine, which acts as a symbol of new growth & development


There are a few considerations before just purchasing your brick machine, presumably from Doubell Machines:
  • Do you have a quarry or source of sand/grit nearby?
  • Do you have access to good quality cement?
  • Do you have enough water available (or that can be transported) on site for the curing process?
  • Have you considered the price / quality / availability of the local supply of bricks?
  • Do you have the resources to sustain brick production? (manpower, working capital, brickyard area)
  • Is there a market for your bricks, blocks or pavers in the local area?
Paving Brick Production of Doubell Jumbo MK3
Once you pass the feasibility phase, you can begin the learning curve of the practical operation of a blockyard, which you will find to be easier than you currently think!