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AUTOMATION in brick-making has usually been associated with heavy maintenance & downtime while repair work is done. We are teaming up with a proven company to begin a partnership of introducing a reliable automated brick making machine into the our product catalogue.

Estimated Machinery Cost: R1 716 542.96
Machinery will require a 3phase power source. A built-in diesel generator can be added for R178 533.56

F48S Blockmaking machine making rows of blocks
  • Hopper Door (Manual)
  • Feed Tray over Mould (Manual)
  • Feed Tray movement over mould - filling (Manual)
  • Pre-vibration (Manual via Foot Pedal – stops via an adjustable preset timer)
  • Final vibration (Auto)
  • De-mould (Manual)
  • Travel forward and drop position sequenced for paired drops (Auto)
  • Steering (Auto)
  • Mould Box down (Manual)
  • The auto functions will be operated via a small plc but backed up by relays in the event of failure to allow manual operation.
  • Travel and steering joystick controls are positioned on both the L.H. & R.H side of the panel for improved visibility during manoeuvring.
Machinery General specification:
  • Electric Hydraulic control
  • Powered via mains cable -100m supplied (Optional Genset)
  • Hydrostatic Transmission with directional control 
  • One full set of heavy duty high frequency interchangeable mould vibrators, comprising of 4 vibrator elements with variable amplitude, each with individual electric motor drive, complete with mounting plates, leads, and plugs
  • Operator Rear Mounted Platform (Optional Enclosed Cab)
  • Maximum mould area 1170mm x 914mm
  • Height range – 190mm – 450mm
  • Safety guards all round with captive key locking system
  • Factory fitted options, Auto lubrication for all grease points
  • Hopper capacity 2.5m3 max
  • Cycle time 25 – 30 seconds
  • Safety guards with captive key locking system
  • PLC-driven LCD panel for fault-diagnostics & adjustment of vibration cycle timings
Choose from the following moulds(1 included in machinery price):
Cavity/Hollow per cycle
98 x 213 x 438mm 2 core 24
100 x 200 x 400mm 2 core 24
150 x 200 x 400mm 2 core 16
200 x 200 x 400mm 2 core 12
5 5/8 x 7 5/8 x 15 5/8” 2 core 16
7 5/8 x 7 5/8 x 15 5/8” 2 core 12
F48S Blockmaking machine making rows of blocks

The lead time is 12 weeks.
Transport requires an open-top 40' container.
Estimated transport price will be R 127 283.93
A Finlay engineer will come out for four days on site to ensure machinery functionality & provide training. Cost includes labour, visa, air fares, but excludes accommodation & local transportation.
Estimated commissioning cost will be R 58 306.15
Final total expected amount: R 1 902 133.04

Expected Production Rate: 25 600 M6 blocks per day
F48S Blockmaking machine getting refilled by a forklift