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Some building units require more cement ratio than would be classified as a brick or block mixture - we call it "wet mix" & is not suitable for any brick-making machine as the cement would be near impossible to eject from the mould. In such cases, one would make use of a wet mix mould, which is filled with cement & placed on a vibrating table to dispel airbubbles & ensure even saturation.

A good example is Cobblestone - they are manufactured is done in this way & thus to extend out range of machinery, we now offer a Doubell option for wet-mix manufacture - the Vibrating Table.

Machine Ranges


R 22,800.00 incl.
R 20,000.00 excl.

1200 Vibrating Table 3Phase

This vibrating table is 1200x600mm in size & carries ONE electrical vibrator motor. A switchbox allows vibration in a pulse form. This table could offer 2 workstations comfortably with 2 sides access to the same mould..



R 39,652.18 incl.
R 34,782.61 excl.

2450 Vibrating Table Twin 3Phase

This giant vibrating table is 2450x1200mm in size (900mm high) & carries TWO electrical vibrator motors. A switchbox allows either vibrator to operate independantly or both simultaneously. This table could offer 4 workstations for increased capacity of production.




Other Equipment


R 39.65 incl.
R 34.78 excl.

Quick Mix

QuickMix will aid the brick & block-making process by adding lubrication to the aggregate for faster compaction, even vibration, smoother finish & longer lasting moulds. If you are experiencing minor cracks, try some QuickMix ! (PRICE IS PER LITRE CONCENTRATE)