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The Skiploader is an additional machine designed to streamline the brickmaking process. Raw materials are pre-loaded into the skiploader so that when the Panmixer has completed mixing a batch, the skiploader can dump a full mix load directly into the panmixer, eliminating the context wait time for loading the cement, sand and/or crusher into the pan.

For each cycle, this can eliminate up to a few minutes, which ensures that mixture is readily available & bottlenecks do not occur.

Adding a skiploader will increase mixture production output to allow the consideration of having a single panmixer for two brick machines.


Machine Ranges


R 59,478.26 incl.
R 52,173.91 excl.

Skiploader 300L Single Phase

 The Skiploader 300 allows for rapid filling of a 300 litre Doubell Panmixer to eliminate the mixture load times of each mix cycle.




Other Equipment


R 39.65 incl.
R 34.78 excl.

Quick Mix

QuickMix will aid the brick & block-making process by adding lubrication to the aggregate for faster compaction, even vibration, smoother finish & longer lasting moulds. If you are experiencing minor cracks, try some QuickMix ! (PRICE IS PER LITRE CONCENTRATE)